Women Over 40: How to Brighten Your Skin

Women Over 40: How to Brighten Your Skin

As women evolve into their 40’s, their skin becomes more dry and dull looking. It seems as though we have lost that luminious glow of our younger years. It is important to add exfoliation to our skin care routine to help our skin look more supple, but I’ve also found a new product to add more sheen and radiance to your skin.

To add radiance back to your face, try a liquid luminizer. Apply this product to the top of your cheekbones but be careful to stay away from any wrinkles around the eye area. Add a touch of this brightener under the arch of your eyebrows and to the inside tiny corners of your eye area.

I personally use and love the product by Benefit called "Highbeam." It costs $24.00 and is available at most department stores or you can buy it online at www.benefitcosmetics.com. It is a soft pinkish sheen that produces young radiant looking skin. This product works for all skin tones. It was voted the "best luminizing lotion/cream" by the In Style magazine. ?I apply this product lightly as I mentioned above in a few small dots and blend to just give?my skin a little shimmer. Be careful to keep away from wrinkles though, as it will accentuate them which is not what we are trying to do here!

If you use a light applicatin in these three strategic areas you skin will appear more luminious and younger looking. Who wouldn’t like someone to mistake them to be five years younger? Try it – I think you will like the results!

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