To Boost Your Career, Dramatically Boost Leadership Growth
12 Mar

To Boost Your Career, Dramatically Boost Leadership Growth

When I’m working with a senior-level client that I’m grooming to achieve a Predictable Promotion®, we start with personal growth. You have to rid yourself of old burdens and baggage in the form of belief systems that hold you back. Those aren’t apparent to us, otherwise we’d have fixed them long ago. But as the coaching progresses, clients begin to develop an internal awareness that frees them up to grow.

I get to know them and learn about their career frustrations, setbacks, and unmet expectations. Then we uncover those hidden, subtle mindset obstacles. Once those are remedied they have new vision, conviction, and resolve. Without that you can dream of change and want to change. But it’s not going to happen until have the internal fortitude and conviction. It’s no small feat to prepare for exponential growth and greater leadership responsibility, especially if you want your promotion within just six months. That’s fast growth and rapid change. To do it you have to have a rock solid internal foundation of self-identification rooted in supportive, authentic core beliefs.

Here are 3 simple habits you can begin to develop, starting today. These will help you step into the role and version of yourself you want. Once you start this mindful process it will amaze you how fast your personal and career develop will grow.

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1) Change Your Old Belief System

Organizational expert Marie Kondo has become a household name because of her effective techniques for decluttering and reorganizing closets. But if you listen to her advice, the theme that runs through all of it is not really about how to fold clothes or rearrange your closets. It’s about only holding on to those things that you really believe it, the items that give you confidence and joy. What I want you to do is similar. Change your old belief systems to align them with what you genuinely desire that will give you fulfillment and success on your own terms. 

2) Repack the Good Baggage

Take and inventory of your strengths. What has worked for you in the past to help you solve problems and earn promotions? Those should be top of mind to counteract any negative thoughts you have that tell you “I am not qualified.”  Reframe anything you perceive as a career failure or setback. To do that, figure out what positive lessons you learned from difficult or bitter times and the accompanying sense of loss. That requires some deep reflection and critical analysis. But once you do that, you can leave aside all the negativity. You will view that experience for the ways it made you more resilient, wise, and capable.

3) Remain Committed to Your Growth

Maybe people told you in the past that you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or that you were too old or too young for a promotion. Maybe they said you’re a woman and women don’t make good leaders, or that you’re a man and don’t have the emotional intelligence to lead an inclusive, diverse team. But they were wrong. You are qualified. That’s how you got this far, despite the fact that others may not have believed in you or seen your potential. But you have to acknowledge that for yourself, in order to believe in yourself wholeheartedly and own your growth, talent, and value. Then you can be fully committed to your growth.

Putting it All Together

Growth means change, and change can be very challenging and difficult. But by preparing yourself internally and then doing the hard work necessary, you can develop in career-changing ways. You’ll have the energy, discipline, and motivation to acquire whatever skills you may need and to refine your areas of weakness, while enhancing your strengths. You’ll have the internal fuel and foundation to prepare for that next level promotion. Having done the work, you’ll deserve it and will have earned it.

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Sarah Hathorn
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