10 Apr

The Perfect Fit: Ignore the Size

After spending years working for Federated Department Stores as a Store Manager, I can tell you that various vendors size their clothing in different ways. Some vendors actually add a few inches to their clothing so that when a woman tries the garment on, she believes that she is wearing a smaller size than she actually is, which truly is a new retailing strategy. Don’t pay attention to what size the tag reads on the back of the garment. You are the only one who will see and know the size. If the size bothers you, clip it off when they get home so they won’t be reminded of it. When people look at you they notice how the garment is fitting you, not the size. For the ideal fit, your clothes should just skim over your natural silhouette with no clinging, or stretching of the fabric. Be careful not to wear your clothes too baggy, as this will make you appear heavier than you are. If you wear your clothes too tight, you will look overweight, as this will make you appear as though you gained a few pounds and accentuate the very areas you are trying to conceal. Most ready-to-wear clothes purchased off the rack really aren’t always ready to wear. I can take two different clients shopping who wear a size 12 dress and on the two of them, the garment won’t hang the same way due to their specific body build. If your clothes don’t fit you off the racks, make it a habit to visit your favorite tailor to get the perfect fit. It does take a few extra dollars to have your clothes altered, but you will feel more confident in clothes when you wear them and feel like a million bucks wearing them in public. I always tell my clients that I would rather them buy fewer clothes that fit and flatter their silhouette than purchasing many clothes off the rack that haven’t had a nip or tuck to highlight their figure type. Alterations like shortening pants, shortening or lengthening sleeves on a jacket, or taking in the sides of a skirt or jacket are simple alterations that don’t really change the garment silhouette. Although most drycleaners can do these simple alterations, I recommend that every woman find a great tailor that she trusts. This will become a great resource for you as you lose weight, or fall in love with an item that needs a few alterations. It’s well worth the investment to get an item altered, if it makes you feel confident and look fabulous!

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Sarah Hathorn
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