13 Jan

Women Leaders are Seizing Positive Power Today

  Any woman in a leadership role understands the unique challenges that we women leaders face in today’s fiercely competitive business world. But if you take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come – and where we stand today – it may give you a boost of confidence and a radiant glow of […]

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05 Dec

Executive Presence for Women: How to Grow your Gravitas

  Last month in Atlanta I spoke to a Women in Leadership Group. My audience was comprised of highly successful female leaders who help run a major corporation. They all understand the importance of executive presence for women, but even experienced leaders often wonder how to develop genuine, empowering gravitas. Deepen Your Gravitas I talked […]

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26 Aug

Sarah’s Take on the EP Buzz Within Corporate America

  For years I’ve worked with many multi-national corporations to offer professional development seminars and private executive presence coaching, and the experience teaches me a great deal. I have learned a lot within the past few months, too, as more and more companies and leaders are appreciating the importance of executive presence. Substance vs. Superficiality […]

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Mindset and Mentors: Helping Women Win Predictable Promotions
02 Apr

Mindset and Mentors: Helping Women Win Predictable Promotions

  I recently conducted a special executive presence development seminar for top talent at a multinational Fortune 500 company.  While doing my background research I came across a great article about the struggles that women face in their careers, despite so much collective effort to create gender equality in the workplace. More than 25 percent […]

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09 Dec

Career Limitations for Women: Conquering the final frontier

  A recent survey of top executives revealed that they see self-imposed mindset limitations as the primary challenge to their organizational leadership. I see that all the time in my own coaching work with private clients and when I provide leadership development programs to major corporations. To live your full potential, you have to let […]

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15 Oct

Game Changers: Women Empowering Women for Synergistic Success

The newest professional development trend is focused on cultivating women leaders to not only ascend into higher-level positions but also become game changers for their teams, organizations, and industries. I find that many large corporations have established new women’s affinity leadership networks for the sole purpose of providing a workplace community whereby women can help […]

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26 Jun

Leaders: Get Serious and be Taken Seriously

  Are you leveraging language to reinforce your leadership brand and image? Or are you inadvertently conceding power through weak phrasing or ineffective body talk/posture every time you speak, write, or communicate? Leaders are only as strong as their executive presence, and if you don’t exhibit a powerful center of gravity you risk being perceived […]

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27 Mar

VIDEO – Sarah Hathorn talks with Dawn Stanyon about the 2013 AICI Conference

Sarah Hathorn and Dawn Stanyon discuss the upcoming AICI Annual conference   Tell me what you think! Post a comment on below. Do you want to use this blog article? You may, as long as you include this complete bio with it: Sarah Hathorn is a leadership development mentor, executive presence coach, image and branding […]

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27 Feb

Add Accountability to Boost Productivity

  Want to rack up higher performance numbers this year? Start by making each member of your team more accountable and result-oriented. Unfortunately, we live in an era when accountability is in short supply – whether it’s in Congress, on Wall Street, or in the board room. But how would you possibly run your business […]

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20 Feb

Now’s the Time for Team Reviews

  As a leader it is your responsibility to expand the outlook of your team, bolster their pride and confidence, and show them that they achieved much more than they may have realized. Reviewing annual team accomplishments is a great way to do that and start a new year on the right foot. When people […]

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