18 Sep

Written Communication

  Your digital footprint is not just an extension of your offline persona, it is a highly visible aspect of your communication skills. Most leaders these days know that they have to pay special attention to what they post to Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. They realize the importance of thinking before they text, and of […]

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12 Aug

Does Your Closet Hold the Keys to Executive Presence?

  Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words. But too many of today’s executives fail to understand that their outward appearance is also a critical component of action or behavior. How you look broadcasts loud messages about your executive presence – or lack of it. Look Like the Leader You Want Others to Follow […]

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08 Jul

Acquiring the Emotional Intelligence of Executive Presence

  Emotional intelligence is basically measured by taking an inventory of your genuinely empathic people skills. Do you know how to accurately interpret body language or consistently engage audiences when making a presentation or giving a speech? Are you poised under pressure, controlling your own mindset and range of emotions? Does walking into the board […]

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03 Dec

Fly High with “My Why”

  You’ve probably heard of “MiFi” – the wireless gadgetry that lets you take your own private communication network with you everywhere you go. But I think we also need a “My Why” that keeps us inwardly connected to our passions and dreams. Discovering your individual “My Why” lets you get in touch with WHY […]

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20 Nov

Communicate To Influence: Find Your Signature Voice

  One of the keys to developing a strong, secure, instantly recognizable executive presence – and communicating your value upward – is to find your authentic signature voice. Here’s a tip for you: The pitch of your voice goes up at the end of questions, as in “Did you bring those flowers for ME?” Now […]

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19 Nov

Immerse Yourself in Accelerated Success

If you have ever come to Atlanta to work with me in one of my intensive sessions, you know that I devote the entire time to coaching, advising, and consulting on a variety of key strategies and techniques. The intensity of this kind of laser focus really gets to the core of your leadership development, […]

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05 Nov

Raise Your Unique Leadership Voice

I’m always doing public speaking and presentations in my line of work. But I also constantly train lots of highly placed executives to help them master their own presentation skills. The key, I’ve found, is to find your unique, individual voice. Each of us has a signature style of speaking and presenting that comes naturally […]

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05 Nov

Everyone is a Leader. But you have to own it.

  If you’re reading this it already means you are motivated to achieve a bigger leadership role.  Well I have good news for you. Leadership responsibility is now yours for the taking! I hear from HR executives, CEOs, and other top level decision makers every week. What is their biggest complaint? High potentials who want […]

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01 Oct

Develop Your Higher Level Communication Mindset

  Working with corporate executive clients I’ve noticed that the majority of them have a really hard time communicating effectively with CEOs, Boards of Directors, and others in top positions within the organization or industry. They know how to prepare a presentation. But when they try to deliver the goods in the C-Suite they stumble […]

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24 Sep

Executive Presence: Do You Really Have What It Takes To Boldly Lead?

Want to leverage a competitive edge to eliminate the competition for a top job and your shot at the C-Suite? Develop your leadership presence and you’ll automatically rise above the pack to be the cream of the crop. You don’t have to take my word for it. Hundreds of senior executives were recently polled by […]

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