24 Jun

Illuminate Your Executive Presence Blind Spots

  Around this time of year luxury automobile brands begin to roll out previews of next year’s models, touting their innovations and amenities. One of the features getting attention these days is technology that helps identify other vehicles that may be hidden in your blind spot. Automotive engineers have figured out ways to use radar […]

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11 Mar

Personal Branding & Executive Presence: Uncover Your Fabulous Factor!

  The way people get to know you is to learn about what makes you outstanding – what I call your Fabulous Factor. Each of has that special “X Factor.” Unfortunately, 80% or more of today’s top talent will never dig deep enough within themselves and their brand to realize what theirs is. Consequently they […]

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22 Nov

VIDEO – 1-Day Intensive – Dr. Lance Panarello

Dr. Lance Panarello of Dental Health Care Associates talks about his 1-Day Intensive with Sarah Hathorn in Atlanta, GA   Tell me what you think! Post a comment below. Do you want to use this blog article? You may, as long as you include this complete bio with it: Sarah Hathorn is a leadership development […]

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10 Sep

The Importance of a Brand New You

Everyone knows the importance of competitive corporate branding strategies to market to a targeted group of people with unique offerings of specific goods or services. But what is often forgotten is that professionals each have their own personal brands, whether they know it or not. It doesn’t matter if you are a top-level executive, an […]

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05 Sep

Personal Branding: What it is and why you need it.

  I recently spoke to a large group of successful entrepreneurs, but was really surprised to find out that they didn’t know the difference between personal branding and professional image. It was unexpected because in this day and age if you do not have a unique personal brand you are really limiting your value in […]

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25 Jul

VIDEO – 1-Day VIP Intensive – Dr. Rick Harvey

  Tell me what you think! Post a comment below. Do you want to use this blog article? You may, as long as you include this complete bio with it: Sarah Hathorn is a leadership development mentor, executive presence coach, image and branding consultant, public speaker & author. She is the founding CEO of her […]

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23 Jul

Walk the Walk Following Unwritten Rules

  The other day when I gave a presentation I asked everyone to give me an accurate estimate of the percentage of employees within their organization who positively represent the company’s brand. I was shocked that most of them said only 50%. When half of your people are pulling in the wrong direction the best […]

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Supercharge Your Career Destiny
10 May

Supercharge Your Career Destiny

For years I’ve been asked to write a book based on the principles of the Predictable Promotion™ System. I have been in ongoing negotiations with publishing companies, and hope to embark on authoring a full-length book in that not too distant future. But that kind of project is a full-time job, and these days I […]

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01 May

Your Office Speaks Volumes

Take a moment to look around yourself. Tick off a visual inventory of the items that jump out at you. Now ask yourself, why do you have those particular photos or mementos on your desk or those specific titles on your bookshelf? If you aren’t sure, then your potential clients won’t be sure either. What […]

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17 Oct

The Trademark Look of a Leader

Do you always exude externally visible leadership presence? Or is your leadership brand like most of those seen in today’s business arena – merely a temporary branding identity that you only consciously wear and emphasize when you are in the spotlight? Every leader knows that they need to express a strong brand when they pitch […]

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