05 Mar

Leverage Passion into Profit

  Everyone knows that if you do what you love you will find your career more rewarding, and you’ll likely find more success. But too often what we start out wanting to do in life changes. Our curiosity wanes. We lose interest or that feeling that we are fulfilling a greater purpose with deeper meaning. […]

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03 Dec

Fly High with “My Why”

  You’ve probably heard of “MiFi” – the wireless gadgetry that lets you take your own private communication network with you everywhere you go. But I think we also need a “My Why” that keeps us inwardly connected to our passions and dreams. Discovering your individual “My Why” lets you get in touch with WHY […]

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18 Oct

Sarah’s iPad Acronym

    How did a leader within the geeky technical industry become such an influential global icon? I think there are four primary characteristics essential to Steve Jobs’ enduring legacy. (After writing them I realized that their first letters inadvertently spelled iPad!) Innovation As Jobs said, innovation is what separates leaders from followers. Offer something […]

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