25 Aug

Listen Intently to Boost Your Team Leadership – Part 2

In Part I of this article I described some of the issues surrounding high-level communication and the need to be fully present as an active listener. Now I will share five valuable steps or tips that can elevate your communication to the next level and beyond, by ensuring that you possess C-suite listening skills. I […]

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11 Aug

Listen Intently to Boost Your Team Leadership – Part 1

Excellent communication in your professional life is a powerful asset. Through communication you build collaborative relationships, maximize collaboration and idea-sharing, and broadcast your leadership presence. Clear and effective communication breaks down counterproductive barriers and silos, helps establish human connectivity, and ensures consistent and creative engagement. But none of that is possible without learning how to […]

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29 Jul

Genuine Listening for Leadership Success

  If you want to significantly enhance your executive presence communication skills, practice developing a more intentional listening style. Pretending to Listen Try this for starters. Spend the day today paying attention to how people listen – or fail to listen. You’ll likely notice that most of them are concentrating on what they are going […]

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