21 Jan

Top 5 Executive Presence Communication Tips

  I wanted to share with you my “Top 5” list of valuable executive presence tips that I routinely share with my private clients. So let’s dive right in! Plan Ahead Always outline your presentation well ahead of time. Memorize that outline or sequence of connected ideas. Then tick off each talking point one by […]

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05 Dec

Executive Presence for Women: How to Grow your Gravitas

  Last month in Atlanta I spoke to a Women in Leadership Group. My audience was comprised of highly successful female leaders who help run a major corporation. They all understand the importance of executive presence for women, but even experienced leaders often wonder how to develop genuine, empowering gravitas. Deepen Your Gravitas I talked […]

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20 May

Are you a Reactive or Proactive Leader?

  Reactivity is one of the most difficult but most common challenges faced by those who have the qualities of a natural leader. What I mean by REACTION is that they act from a place of spontaneous emotion. More effective leaders will instead weigh the situation and RESPOND thoughtfully, intentionally, and in a way that […]

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27 Feb

The Physics of Executive Presence: The higher you rise the more gravity you need

  Although it may same contradictory, the higher you go in terms of corporate leadership, the more you need to be rooted and grounded. Otherwise it is easy to lose that precious work/life balance that is needed in order to nurture yourself, inspire your teams, and stay clear and focused regardless of the challenges and […]

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26 Sep

Executive Presence: Where grace meets gravitas

  Each of us presents ourselves a particular way. We give off a certain aura. People get an instant impression of us. How we carry ourselves, look, and speak triggers subconscious snap judgments and conscious evaluations. When that personal presentation comes across as authentic leadership it is perceived as what we call executive presence. The […]

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