30 Sep

6 Ways to Expand Your Leadership & Experience Greater Career Velocity

  Companies hate to see valuable human resources not being utilized to the optimum degree. So any organization will give extra leadership responsibility to anyone who demonstrates that they are ready to handle it. #1 Expand Your Capability That’s why the trick to ensuring your predictable promotion is to develop your leadership skills beyond your […]

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26 Sep

Body Language That Automatically Raises Executive Presence

  Mixed messages or ones that fly right past your radar screen can weaken your effectiveness in business and undermine your executive presence (EP). Unfortunately, many leaders take communication too literally and make the mistake of not reading what is silently said between the lines. Knowing how to understand body language taps into a whole […]

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18 Sep

Written Communication

  Your digital footprint is not just an extension of your offline persona, it is a highly visible aspect of your communication skills. Most leaders these days know that they have to pay special attention to what they post to Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. They realize the importance of thinking before they text, and of […]

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29 Apr

3 “Death by PowerPoint” Mistakes to Avoid

  When you have an opportunity to make a presentation, especially to senior decision makers or an external audience, it’s your best chance to shine and boost your professional brand. Unfortunately it is also a surefire way to unknowingly kill any chance you have of landing an ideal client or getting promoted to the top. […]

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06 Feb

Stop Being Boxed-In and Seize the Career You Want

  You know you are capable of so much more. But you have become such a reliable cog in the machinery that it never occurs to your superiors to offer you a promotion. So here are five essential tips and two great exercises from my toolkit to help you gain exposure, communicate your value, and […]

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01 Oct

Develop Your Higher Level Communication Mindset

  Working with corporate executive clients I’ve noticed that the majority of them have a really hard time communicating effectively with CEOs, Boards of Directors, and others in top positions within the organization or industry. They know how to prepare a presentation. But when they try to deliver the goods in the C-Suite they stumble […]

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24 Sep

Executive Presence: Do You Really Have What It Takes To Boldly Lead?

Want to leverage a competitive edge to eliminate the competition for a top job and your shot at the C-Suite? Develop your leadership presence and you’ll automatically rise above the pack to be the cream of the crop. You don’t have to take my word for it. Hundreds of senior executives were recently polled by […]

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30 May

Do Your Communication Smoke Signals Send A Strong (or the wrong) Brand Message?

Have you ever experienced what the kids refer to as a “pocket call,” where your smart phone accidentally gets bumped in the bottom of your purse and redials the last person you spoke to on the phone? Suddenly you’re on speaker phone and you don’t even know it. Meanwhile Google offers an email setting for […]

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14 May

Law of Attraction: Create a Brand Image that Communicates Success

Quote: “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” (Anonymous) Are you feeling discouraged by your inability to stand out and command more lucrative fees or higher salaries during this economic downturn? Whether you are a corporate leader or a high-achieving entrepreneur – everyone is looking for effective methods and fresh strategies […]

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04 Dec

Lead Teams Designed to Win

You work hard to make team contributions and respect your teammates. But your peer has a “me first” mindset. They steal your thunder, but don’t shoulder their own share of the workload. Even when you try to approach them to talk about it they just retreat into their shell – in complete denial! So what […]

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