15 Feb

Petite Clothing:Camouflage Tips for the Vertically Challenged

The average American woman is 5’5" tall, which makes being petite the norm. When you have a small petite frame it is harder to hide those few extra pounds because you have less body to shift around those few extra pounds. If you have this body architecture, I always advise my clients to keep things simple. You definitely want to wear prints that are small in design, and refrain from wearing clothing with large buttons, bows, and lots of details. These kinds of embellishments will only look out of balance for your vertical body proportion.

Here’s a few camouflage tips for those who are vertically challenged:


If you are short, try wearing sleeves that are three quarter length and you will appear taller by showing the lower part of your arm. In this photo it shows a bracelet sleeve, which will look great on petite women. Try this technique by standing in front of a mirror and slip on a sweater and have the sleeve come to your top of your wrist bone and then gently nudge it upwards. You’ll see the difference.


Another tip is to wear the same color vs. two colors, which will cause the eye to read your entire body, therefore elongating your figure, causing you to look taller. The V-neck of this shirt style dress also makes one appear taller than if it were a high-neckline style.


My third tip is that most petite women look best in shorter style jackets that end at the hip bone or slightly lower. This way of dressing will elongate your legs and make you appear taller. When short women wear long jackets, this makes them look shorter and heavier.

When you are petite, less is more. Remember that small to medium scale jewelry and accessories will look best on you.

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