12 Sep

Linkage’s 2011 Women In Leadership Summit

I spoke at this conference last year in San Francisco and I highly recommend it for any high potential woman leader who is looking to accelerate their development.

As a Linkage Women In Leadership Institute partner, I can offer anyone who would like to attend this years conference, 10% off the registration fee.

Just use priority code WIL-PR-Illustra when registering.

Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute, November 13-16, 2011, Chicago, IL

Keynote speakers:

Anne Mulcahy
Anne Mulcahy

Soledad O'Brien
Soledad O’Brien

Ilene Lang
Ilene Lang

Keiko Fujimori
Keiko Fujimori

Brene Brown
Dr. Brene Brown

Marshall Goldsmith
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

We invite you to join us at the nation’s premier immersion learning experience for emerging women leaders, Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™, which will be held on November 13-16, 2011, in Chicago, IL.

The Women in Leadership Institute™ is a high-impact program that will accelerate the development and succession of high-potential women in your organization.

Through their research, Linkage found that:

  • There are critical competencies and skills that enable leaders to drive results; capabilities women leaders need to accelerate in organizations today.
  • When organizations send multiple high potential women to a learning experience, the speed of succession of women leaders in the organization increases.
  • A high-impact, cohesive, and immersive learning experience that includes peer connection, deep skills-based learning, and on-going support is needed.

So Linkage created an experience that begins onsite with a self-assessment, continues with focused learning sessions and peer learning teams, and maintains development after the experience with an online Global Women’s Network.

As an Institute partner we are delighted to offer our members a reduced registration rate of 10% off the regular registration fee.

Simply use priority code WIL-PR-Illustra when registering.

For more information or to register, call Linkage at 781-402-5555, or visit the Institute web site at https://linkageinc.com/WIL.

Warm regards,

Sarah Hathorn

Illustra Consulting

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