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14 Oct

Go From Invisible to Influential in Your Executive Presence

  Visual impact is the first way that your executive presence is perceived. Likewise, the main filter for visual impact is the way you dress. So never underestimate the power of wardrobe and style! Knowledge vs. Action Humans are hard-wired to believe what we see. If you don’t pass through that first filter by looking […]

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26 Sep

Body Language That Automatically Raises Executive Presence

  Mixed messages or ones that fly right past your radar screen can weaken your effectiveness in business and undermine your executive presence (EP). Unfortunately, many leaders take communication too literally and make the mistake of not reading what is silently said between the lines. Knowing how to understand body language taps into a whole […]

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29 Jul

Shopping for the Magic Pill for Fast Promotion?

  I have watched many smart and talented people get nowhere because they spent their most critical “prime time” looking for some easy fix. But there is no cakewalk to greatness. Exit the Comfort Zone It’s easy to rationalize, “I can’t afford to hire a private coach” or “I need to wait until I have […]

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11 Mar

Personal Branding & Executive Presence: Uncover Your Fabulous Factor!

  The way people get to know you is to learn about what makes you outstanding – what I call your Fabulous Factor. Each of has that special “X Factor.” Unfortunately, 80% or more of today’s top talent will never dig deep enough within themselves and their brand to realize what theirs is. Consequently they […]

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23 Dec

Become More Whole for the Holidays

  Get a healthy jumpstart on the new year by utilizing precious holiday downtime to generate rewarding uptime. 1) Clear Your Calendar It’s easy to get swamped with holiday social engagements like parties and dinners. Before you know it you’re be back at work. So first clear your calendar. Decide what you need in terms […]

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22 Nov

VIDEO – 1-Day Intensive – Dr. Lance Panarello

Dr. Lance Panarello of Dental Health Care Associates talks about his 1-Day Intensive with Sarah Hathorn in Atlanta, GA   Tell me what you think! Post a comment below. Do you want to use this blog article? You may, as long as you include this complete bio with it: Sarah Hathorn is a leadership development […]

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24 Sep

Executive Presence: Do You Really Have What It Takes To Boldly Lead?

Want to leverage a competitive edge to eliminate the competition for a top job and your shot at the C-Suite? Develop your leadership presence and you’ll automatically rise above the pack to be the cream of the crop. You don’t have to take my word for it. Hundreds of senior executives were recently polled by […]

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24 Sep

Communicating Upward: Women and Executive Presence

  More than 80% of women recently surveyed said they are not sure what their bosses expect of them. Plus the deck is already stacked against us. Despite lots of progress, women are still systematically shut out from many top positions. Let me tell you what I think, as I reveal one of the biggest […]

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10 Sep

The Importance of a Brand New You

Everyone knows the importance of competitive corporate branding strategies to market to a targeted group of people with unique offerings of specific goods or services. But what is often forgotten is that professionals each have their own personal brands, whether they know it or not. It doesn’t matter if you are a top-level executive, an […]

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25 Jul

VIDEO – 1-Day VIP Intensive – Dr. Rick Harvey

  Tell me what you think! Post a comment below. Do you want to use this blog article? You may, as long as you include this complete bio with it: Sarah Hathorn is a leadership development mentor, executive presence coach, image and branding consultant, public speaker & author. She is the founding CEO of her […]

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